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Event Catering Service

Event Catering

Mothers Kitchen is an ideal home caterer that can prepare delicious dishes for your esteemed guests while you are busy at work or organising other things. We are well known for our event catering service in town. We are located in Maitidevi. You are welcome to call us up at 9802008571 for further assistance and finalisation of menu between working hours (10:00 AM- 5:00 PM).
We cater to a minimum of 10 guests up to a maximum of 100 guests. You looking to cater for events such as :

  • Birthday Parties
  • Kitty Parties
  • Home Parties
  • Office Event
  • Launch Events

Mothers kitchen – A complete package of event catering service.

We mother’s kitchen is a home-based organisation, our mission and our vision are simple, Nourishing those in need and delivering assistance where and when it is needed. Our Event catering service can be used on any occasions like wedding catering services, outdoor catering, office catering etc. We don’t provide any night catering services till now.

Everybody knows its hassle free and time prevention, the versatility of food menus according to people when you hire an event catering for any occasion. But many of them are confused what to look for when hiring an event catering service providers, because everyone is conscious about their health, about how food taste, about their bills etc. so today mothers kitchen will explain, what to look in event catering service provider when hiring one?

1. Good Food
2. Healthy food
3. Affordable cost
4. Dependable
5. Versatility of Menu

These above five things matter most when hiring any event catering service provider which is very hard to find these days having all these five qualities. We mothers kitchen guarantee to full fill all requirement of any client’s needs. Our  catering service orders from 5 to 500 with the same attention and care for freshness and timely service. We meet any size of requirements. Count on our reliable service in an environment where professionalism makes a difference to your clients.

Kindly place your order at least 4 day in advance in order for us to fulfil your requirements and provide you with 5 star services. To order now contact us through Facebook or call us at 9808378116.

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