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Why i loved hostel life while many don’t?

My interest in going to the education institute gradually grows with me – from school to college, college to university. Never dreamed of having a hostel life until I completed my 12th. After +2 asked to choose my career path. Have collected so many thoughts, it was decided. Unfortunately, the college where I got admission […]

What is the history behind pickle ?

It is rumored that they were one of Cleopatra’s prized beauty secrets. They make appearances in the Bible and in Shakespeare’s writing. Pregnant women have been known to crave them along with ice cream. Pickles have been around for thousands of years, dating as far back as 2030 BC when cucumbers from their native India.The […]

The Top 10 Home Cooking Health Benefits

Social eating has become a staple trend in Nepalese society. No longer do we choose to hang out with friends without having a foray into the eating meals prepared by others. We go out to eat at both fast food and lavish restaurants, order take out or to-go, snack on hot dogs and popcorn at […]

The secret behind “Maa ke Haath ka Khana “

Most important of all, mothers have got one secret ingredient that makes it all possible – Love. They don’t just produce consumable food from raw ingredients. For them, cooking is a solace from stress. It is a coy to bring out smiles on the tired, hungry faces. It is a form of love,that expresses itself […]

Rajma Chawal

rom Mexican cuisine — tacos, burritos, etc to our very own rajma-chawal, red kidney beans are used extensively all over the globe. They are called ‘kidney beans’ due to their shape which resembles the human kidney. They are one of the tastiest beans and belong to lentils food group. Red kidney beans are known as ‘Rajma‘ in India and Nepal and […]

Kadhi Chawal

Kadhi Chawal Kadhi is one comfort food. Nothing beats a winter afternoon and a steaming plate of kadhi and rice and all you have to do is dip your hands in and eat away the steaming hot mixture. In our house the right way to eat kadhi is to make a well in between the […]


Home-Made food VS Ready Made Food

Homemade food VS Ready-Made Food Mother’s kitchen one of the best homemade food delivery service in Kathmandu with having a versatile menu that changes day to day with reasonable price and using all healthy ingredient. We offer food that is free from oil, preservative mixed gravies,  dals, rice cooked with soda.  There are a lot […]

Eat Together, Succeed Together

There are myriad reason eat together in a regular basis in office it enhances job satisfaction, the employees get along and can have a positive impact on health and wellness in the workplace. One of the most important outcomes of office meals, however, is an enhanced sense of teamwork. As many may know, teamwork can be […]

Delicious Food From Home Is A Daily Habit And Not Some Weekend Delight,

We are living in an “ON-THE-GO WORLD”. The periphery of this “ON-THE-GO” phrase is shrinking. Cities are expanding themselves; traffic is clogging the means of communication and our city has become a “WARP-ZONE OF SORTS” where we need to complete the stage in 300 seconds. In this “MAD RUSH”, we have already left many things […]

Benifits of Palak Paneer

ne of the most popular and healthy vegetable dishes you will find all over Asia is Palak Paneer. It is cooked all over the south-western region of Asia and is quite a favourite among children and adults too. It is one of those rare foods that are full of taste and nutrition. The dish is […]

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Are You looking for Best Catering Services in town ?

Catering services: Food is something that brings all of us together. Whether it is at the dinner table as a family or at a social event as a group. Mother’s kitchen is one of the best catering services in town with affordable pricing including the versatile type of menu with the different type of Catering services. […]

Are Pickles Good for You?

Many people cite the health benefits of pickles, pointing out that they can help with weight loss, are filled with healthful antioxidants, and can fight some kinds of cancer. Others cite high sodium content and reports of increased risk of stomach cancer as reasons for caution. Here’s all you need to know to decide whether […]

5 Reasons Your Employer Should Give You Free Lunch Everyday

Companies are changing how their employees eat lunch by providing catered meals onsite. Dreamworks, Facebook and Google are among the top 10 companies Glassdoor names as places that provide free, healthy lunch choices to their workers. Why do employers choose to spend money on this extra perk? There’s a lot for the employer to gain from this, […]

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