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Delicious Food From Home Is A Daily Habit And Not Some Weekend Delight,

We are living in an “ON-THE-GO WORLD”. The periphery of this “ON-THE-GO” phrase is shrinking. Cities are expanding themselves; traffic is clogging the means of communication and our city has become a “WARP-ZONE OF SORTS” where we need to complete the stage in 300 seconds. In this “MAD RUSH”, we have already left many things far behind. Home food has become a “LUXURY” for many of us.

Initiatives Like “Mothers Kitchen” Are Embarking on the Return of the “Old World Charm” Days.

Home food has three very important “H’S” associated with it. First “H” is HEALTH. When you cook at home, you always consider health-related things while cooking and control many things. The second “H” is HYGIENE and the third “H” is HAPPINESS. “Lunch Box service” of Mothers Kitchen is primarily here to bring these H’s back in your life amidst the notorious “H” of “HUSTLE BUSTLE” that is killing your mental peace and keeping you in a tasteless world.

Hotels and Restaurants Prefer to Go for Hurried Jobs

Hotels and restaurants prefer to go for hurried jobs. They are working under this assembly line system. They cannot afford to lose their regular taste; they are bound to a menu and this is a limitation. “Mothers Kitchen” Lunchbox services, on the other hand, are designed for your taste related mood swings. We do not cook for assembly lines. We cook delicacies for your sheer delight.

Yummy Menu for a Flat Tummy and Curvaceous Smile of Satisfaction

Just travel back in time a bit and rethink the fitness regime of our previous generation. They were healthy, they were not obese, they were not suffering from blood pressure related problems and they were not having a dietician either. They were healthy because they were eating in accordance with the seasons, their ingredients were pure and they were cooking their food with culinary customs and ease.

Restaurants Are Turning Into “Fast Food” Joints

Check out the delivery regimes of restaurants; check out the preparation of the meals. You will find they are repetitive and annoyingly fast on some occasions. You can appreciate these qualities when you are in a hurry or you are in the fun mood. However, these things are not good when you are having them on the regular basis. Hurry is worry and worry is a coffin for nutrition and health-giving elements when we try to translate it in the regime of the food world.

Place Organized for Timely Delivery, Not for Fast Delivery

Mothers Kitchen Lunchbox service, on the other hand, is an organized place where we have all the time on earth to gradually prepare everything for you. It is our attempt to minimize all those buzzer-based deliveries. We try hard to keep it simple, slow and smooth for you all the time. This is why we do not deliver “ROTTEN TOMATOES”. We believe in delivering “BLOSSOMED MEALS” instead.  Food to blossom a smile on your face and delight for your taste buds.

Let us all stay healthy..wealthy and wise. Get in touch with Mothers Kitchen(+977 – 9802008571) for healthy food straight out from the mother’s kitchen to your offices.

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