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Why i loved hostel life while many don’t?

girls hostel at maitidevi kathmandu

My interest in going to the education institute gradually grows with me – from school to college, college to university. Never dreamed of having a hostel life until I completed my 12th. After +2 asked to choose my career path. Have collected so many thoughts, it was decided. Unfortunately, the college where I got admission was 2 hrs drive from my home was told to stay in a hostel. Belonging to Middle-class family – my parents won’t able to afford extra for my hostel accommodation. One of my cousins sister refers one girls hostel near maitidevi – which was just 5 min walkable distance to my college.

RadhaKrishan Boys and Girls hostel at maitidevi, kathmandu

My parents did some inquiries about the hostel – my parents meet the founder of Hostel to visit the hostel and its premises. Every parent wants their child to be safe and happy. After that, my father dropped me at Radha Krishna girls hostel at Maiti Devi. It was hard to be away from home, but I had no other option. Initially, everything was difficult with all new faces. But I found all others who are staying at my hostel are very nice people. Most of them are students from different colleges. Sharing ideas with them is much more fun.  That was my first hostel experience.

Radhakrishna girl’s hostel owner is working women. they own another business of homemade food delivery. Their food was very good. We had rules and regulation but that was regarding our in-time which was good and should be followed in a ladies hostel.

We friends enjoyed dinner together, the endless night chats, and our warden trying to catch us for making a sound at night….those are fond memories.

I believe you have to experience hostel life once in your life. How to handle situations when you are alone, how to behave with others when you are sharing a room with them. You tend to be less selfish and understand what is sharing. But there is a negative side to this If you are in a bad gang and staying in a hostel that has no rules and regulations. It is all about choosing best mate and a hostel. But it’s not necessary that you will be successful in it. You will learn from experience. Hostel life helps to get experience throughout your life.

After my studies, I had to move to Hometown pokhara for a job. I googled the best hostels in pokhara and moved in. But due to a change of location, I had to change hostel and since there was not much time I got into the worst hostel of my life. I had stayed in three different hostels in pokhara. The worst one had poor hygiene, less space, and bad roommates. Every moment I missed Radhakrishna girls hostel its homely environment and all memories from there. Truly a home away from home for all students and working individuals – Five start to RK girls hostel at Maitidevi.

Many parents won’t support staying in hostels due to the present situation of women safety and increasing crimes. But how long will you keep her in a cage? When she gets married it would be more difficult to adjust to a new environment and in dealing situations. At that same time, this doesn’t mean all those who had a hostel life would succeed. When you are sending your daughter or son to the hostel you should continue to keep in touch with her/him. Know what is happening in their life and most importantly are they happy.

Try out how it is to live with strangers who will turn out to be your best friends in life.

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