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Hey good looking, What you got cooking?
Something super nutritious and tasty!

Yes, getting that healthy body you had put up on your New Year's resolution is possible now.
Introducing Mothers Kitchen 'Health Box' where you get the balance of all the necessary nutrients without compromising on your taste buds. So, enjoy combos of mind blowing meals prepared by our in-house nutritionist and cooked by our well-trained chefs.

The Lunchbox Diet offers portion-controlled meals that are delivered to your homes or offices. We focus on serving a healthy balance of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables designed to help you lose weight. We try to limit salt, sugar and fat content to really help you achieve a well-maintained body the healthy way.

We make your meals a few hours prior to delivery to ensure the freshness and quality you deserve. Although this is a diet delivery service, we try our best to make it the most delicious diet food you’ve ever tasted, using different herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of your meals. We have tied up with a dietitian who computes all the ingredients in the menu to make sure it stays within your required calorie range.


Rs 350


Rs 340


Rs 325

Our Nutritionist



Monika Daga

Post graduation in Food Nutrition And Hospital Food Care Service
Certified yoga trainer from Kaivalayadham, Maharashtra

Monika daga is a dietician from Mumbai, now settled in Kathmandu. She loves to blend fitness and fun for a healthier leaner and fitter body and focused mind. She provides customized and flexible eating ideas which are easy to follow.

Spanning over 12 years of experience in the field of health and nutrition, she has worked with various doctors, therapist, fitness trainers, gyms, wellness centre and hotels in mumbai, delhi and kathmandu.

As a nutritionist, she believes that food can heal every single cell of the body provided it is right food at right time. Along with providing advice on nutrition, she motivates her clients to adapt an active lifestyle. She strongly believes that more than a temporary diet or fitness routine, an active lifestyle modification is required.

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