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Home-Made food VS Ready Made Food


Homemade food VS Ready-Made Food

Mother’s kitchen one of the best homemade food delivery service in Kathmandu with having a versatile menu that changes day to day with reasonable price and using all healthy ingredient. We offer food that is free from oil, preservative mixed gravies,  dals, rice cooked with soda.  There are a lot of differences in home cooked healthy food and fast or readymade food. You know the benefits of  homemade food could be:

  1. Contains fewer calories.
  2. It’s less expensive and full of nutrition.
  3. It meets the deadline for healthy diets.
  4. Avoid food allergies and sensitivities

Knowing all these benefits no one would wonder about going to eat fast food, only fast food contain more

When you are cooking food at home it automatically becomes healthy because you can be sure of right heat temperature and healthy ingredient in clean dishes. Heating the food to the right degree will make it healthy and germ-free. When we are cooking food at home, we can always be sure of the quality of ingredients, the right amount of heat that we are using. And we can control how much of what to put into the dish we are making.

Cooking food in a short time won’t get required heat so eating them is unhealthy. So its same with fast foods. When dishes are cooked in a restaurant, there are varieties of ingredients to make dishes more delicious but is not good for our health.

The homemade food contains healthy ingredients, fewer carbohydrates, fats, and sugar. Cooking at home will cost us less than dining out. Everyone knows home cooked meals are in greater compliance with guidelines for a healthy diet than fast foods. Meals cooked at home reduces the chance of childhood obesity.

Mother’s kitchen home-based organization also offers many kinds of service with affordable price in Kathmandu and many other places. We also offer homemade hygienic vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. We offer a variety of services and we try to put our utmost care & attention. Vegetables are sourced directly from the market so that you can have a healthy meal. Any of the services you choose is very sumptuous, filling and healthy. Our Services are Lunch box services, tiffin services, home cooked food delivery services, catering services, party packs.

For more detail and inquiry contact us – 9808378116 at or visit our office at Maiti-Devi,  Kathmandu.

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