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Lunchbox Service

Have you forgotten to bring your lunch box? No Worries, Mothers Kitchen will bring you the Homemade Lunchbox at your doorstep. We are a home based organization wherein we provide lunch boxes service to offices or homes. And We try our best to provide you with the delivery of lunchbox services in Kathmandu on time so that you can eat it at your lunch hour!

Mothers Kitchen has come up with this lunch box services to make your life easy and hassle-free from worrying about packing lunch boxes every day or buying groceries and vegetables daily. So pick up your phones and call us fast to get your lunch box delivery on time!


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Veg Snacks

Veg snack for the day ( check our menu for the week)

Daily Rs 165 Rs 3960
Weekly Rs 155 Rs 930 /Week
Monthly Rs 150 Rs 3600 /Month
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Non-Veg Snacks

Chicken snack for the day ( check our menu for the week)

Daily Rs 175 Rs 4200
Weekly Rs 165 Rs 990 /Week
Monthly Rs 150 Rs 3600 /Month
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Regular Lunch

Roti, Rice, Dal, 1 Veg, Salad Or Achar

Daily Rs 250 Rs 6000
Weekly Rs 230 Rs 1380 /Week
Monthly Rs 225 Rs 5400 /Month
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Chicken Thali

Chicken curry. Rice, Dal, Roti or Veg, Salad or Achar

Daily Rs 275 Rs 6600
Weekly Rs 265 Rs 1590 /Week
Monthly Rs 250 Rs 6000 /Month
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Nutrition Box

Daily Rs 350 Rs 7000 /Month
Weekly Rs 340 Rs 1700 /Week
Monthly Rs 325 Rs 6500 /Month

Combo Box Meal

  • You can customixe the combo boxes according to yourself.
  • 1 box per person will be given.
  • You need to order to us 1 day prior. We would prefer 2 days prior.
  • You can add frootie and banana to the above order for an added cost.
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Please Note

  • You can opt for half chicken thali or half veg thali options as well :
    o Half Veg Thali : Roti or Rice, Dal, Vegetable of the day (Veg snack price)
    o Half Chicken Thali: Chicken Curry & Rice (Chicken snack price)
  • Chicken Thali depends on the availability as well as the quantity as we don’t generally provide a variety in the chicken curry.
  • We start from 10 am until 3:30 pm.
  • Try and place your order before 11 am everyday as the food might not be available later.
  • Our last lunch order is taken at 2:30 pm.
  • The delivery is free if you order for a minimum of NPR 300/– within 3 kms around our office.
    You can contact us for further information.
  • We change our menu on a weekly basis and you can find the updated menu on our website or on our facebook page or you can call us and we can send you the the menu.
  • For Corporate rates for offices please get in touch with us.
  • For big corporate orders place an order 1 day in advance as we need time for preparation and procurement.

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